Hi Christine,

We've been receiving your tickets and did reply to all of them. However, for some odd reason, you're not receiving it on your end. It could be because of your email address christine@goodwordsinc.net. If possible, could you contact us through another email address instead? In addition, I would recommend checking with your domain provider and see if the email is set up correctly. 

If it is set up correctly, then you should add our email addresses to your "whitelist" or list of "trusted" email senders to ensure you receive our emails in the future:






In regard to your domain, I see that you are missing a CNAME. You will need to log into your domain provider and add a brand new CNAME within the DNS records area. You would want to set it up as:

Host - 5owinuox1j7t39bz17h6

Record - CNAME

Points To - verify.squarespace.com

You can find this information within Settings > Domains. Here's a screenshot for clarification:


Once this is set up, please do give it some time to propagate. 

I hope this helps! Please email us back if you have any further questions.